Clubs by interests

Clubs, sections and circles of the Kostanay Social-Technical University named after academician Zulkharnai Aldamzhar for

2023-2024 academic year 

  Name Direction Responsible Phone Number
1. Club “Qolzhan” Development of volunteer movement at the university Aitanova Diana 8-700-269-39-22
2. Club “Limerence” Training and development of students’ choreographic skills, participation in dance competitions Taktarbekova Aiym 8-775-342-95-02
3. Club “Akyn” Development of oratorical skills, reading poems, debate club Moldasalykova Zh.T. 55-38-13 (int.143)
4. Club “Skomorokhs” Musical and instrumental club Chopov M.O. 55-38-13 (int. 116)
  Club «Фемида» Научно-исследовательская работа студентов Шиктыбаев Т.Т. 8-701-726-31-22
5. Section Kazakh kuresi Sport Birzhiken E.S. 8 -776-773-42-30
6. Section Football Sport Birzhiken E.S. 8 -776-773-42-30
7. Section Basketball Sport Krupenkin P.V. 8-707-663-42-57
8. Section Voleyball Sport Krupenkin P.V.  8-707-663-42-57
9. Section Table tennis Sport Krupenkin P.V. 8-707-663-42-57
10. Section Orienteering Sport Smorodin V.V. 8-701-115-63-69