ТНЕ GОАLS оf Кostanay social and technical university named after academican Zulkharnai Aldamzhar in the field of quality for the 2022-2023 academic year

The leadership of the KSTU named after acadeinician Z. Aldamzhar has developed and approved a Quality Policy based on the eight principles of the qualiJ:y management system m accordance with the provisions of MS ISO 9001: 2015.

Acting in accordance with the directions provided for in the Quality Policy, KSTU sets itself the task of achieving the following goals in 2022-2023 in accordance with the Det elopment Program of KSTU named aiter Academician Z. Aldamzhar until 2023 Approved by the decision of the Academic Council of June 28, 2019. Protocol № 11 ):



Target indicators Unit of measurement


academic year



The contingent of students:

–   Bachelor’s degree

–   Master’s degree program








The share of employed graduates

from the total number of graduates

% 95



Percentage of teaching staff with

academic degrees and academic titles

% 55



Commercialization of scientific developments % 65



Percentage of teaching staff participating in academic mobility

% 12



The share of teachers who have passed advanced training, from the total number of full-time teaching staff (Orleu)

% 30



Increasing the income of the university from educational and scientific activities

% 5,0


Development of the MTB

Th.tenge 54850

When implementing these goals, the main attention should be paid to the issues of promoting the university in the educational services market end improving the quality of personnel training.

Политика Костанайского социально-технического университета им. академика З.Алдамжар в области качества

Kostanay social and technical university named after Academician Z.Aldamzhar provides educational services that meet the requirements and expectations of all stakeholders: – students, their parents, employers, the state, and strives to exceed these expectations:

Our Mission: Training of highly qualified personnel in accordance with international education standards, citizens of the country who are open to the future, are in demand on the labor market and are able to provide solutions to the tasks of industrial and innovative development of the state.

Kostanay social and technical university holds the position of the best private university in the northern region of Kazakhstan, is among the 30 leading universities in Kazakhstan according to the results of the ATAMEKEN rating.

KSTU adheres to the strategy of a regional university and is focused on meeting the need for qualified personnel in the territory of the Kostanay region. To do this, the university actively interacts with the business environment of the region and studies the needs of the labor market in the short and long term. The priority in the development is the improvement of educational programs in accordance with international requirements and market requirements.

The quality policy of KSTU ensures the achievement of the stated mission and strategic goals, continuous improvement of the services provided to consumers taking into account the needs and expectations of the society, improving the effectiveness of the quality management system of the university in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

The main priorities in the field of quality of KSTU are:
• The university development program, focused on the further development of the university on the basis of the integration of education, science and production;
• personality-centered interaction of teachers and students in the learning process;
• introduction of innovative technologies to improve the quality of services provided;
• creating conditions for the commercialization of intellectual property products and technologies;
• training of highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel.

The top management is a leader in the implementation of the quality policy and ensures the unity of the goals and activities of the university.

By approving and distributing this Quality Policy, the university management proceeds from the fact that it is recognized and accepted for the guidance and execution of each employee of the university, and also counts on the initiative of the KSTU employees in working to continuously improve the university’s activities.

The main guarantee of continuous improvement of the university’s activites is a really functioning quality managment system.