Проспект Кобыланды батыра, 27
8 (7142) 55-42-64
8 (707) 255-42-64
Проспект Кобыланды батыра, 27
8 (7142) 55-42-64
8 (707) 255-42-64
Проспект Кобыланды батыра, 27
8 (7142) 55-42-64
8 (707) 255-42-64


Code – 6B05207

Qualification: Bachelor of Science in the educational program 6В05207 – “Ecology”

List of qualifications and positions

  • Ecologist
  • Ecologist-researcher
  • Ecologist-biologist
  • Ecologist-geographer
  • Soil ecologist
  • Environmental physicist
  • Environmental chemist
  • Environmental expert

Sphere of professional activity.

Production, management, research and education, environmental monitoring service, quality control of the natural environment and human health.

Objects of professional activity.

  • territorial departments of environmental protection;
  • national parks, reserves, reserves;
  • biosphere reserves;
  • industrial enterprises, agro-industrial complexes;
  • polygons;
  • energy facilities, nuclear power plants;
  • educational organizations, research institutes and centres.

Subjects of professional activity.

  • Natural and urban ecosystems and their components;
  • Biosphere and its components;
  • Environmental monitoring and marketing; analysis, inspection and control of the state of the environment;
  • Ecological models;
  • Management and consulting functions in the field of environmental protection; environmental education and upbringing;
  • Environmental requirements in technological processes and the design of new enterprises, settlements;
  • Environmental protection activities in various sectors of the economy, environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental audit.

Types of professional activity.

  • Organizational and managerial;
  • Production and technological;
  • Service and maintenance;
  • Experimental research;
  • Design.

Functions of professional activity.

– To take part in the development of state programs for the development of economic sectors in the sections of environmental protection;

– To take part in carrying out ecological expertise and eco-audit;

– Collect material and conduct laboratory studies of the level of pollution of the environment;

– To take part in the preparation of the environmental passport of enterprises;

– Provide advisory services to the population on environmental issues;

– Participate in environmental monitoring;

– To take part in scientific research in the field of ecology;

– Organize educational work among the population on environmental protection;

– To take part in the work on the environmental review of design, and pre-project documentation in terms of its compliance with international standards;

– Assist in the fulfilment of the obligations of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the requirements of international conventions in the field of environmental protection, etc.;

– To promote the implementation of the results of research work in production;

 – Attracting employers, and finding partners to carry out scientific research.

Standard tasks of professional activity.

Monitor and analyze the state of the natural


Analyze and evaluate the dynamics of environmental processes, associated with anthropogenic impact and natural disasters;

Analyze and evaluate possible recovery paths

disturbed territories;

Plan, organize and conduct theoretical,

field and experimental environmental studies;

Conduct expert and audit evaluation of the quality state of the environment;

Build predictive models of state change

eco geosystems;

Use the basics of environmental regulation;

Solve professionally individual practical issues

environmental activities of the enterprise and organization;

Analyze development trends in the field of modern business and its importance for the ecology of the region, region;

Conduct a comprehensive economic assessment of natural resources, taking into account environmental protection;

Carry out calculations and predict changes in the sustainability of the environment to anthropogenic impact;

Acquire practical skills in performing analytical work and paperwork.

Directions of professional activity.

  • Planning, organization and management of control services for objects that pose a potential threat to the state of the environment;
  • Collection and analysis of materials for environmental assessment of environmental objects;
  • Development of practical recommendations for standardization of the quality of the natural environment to prevent degradation of ecosystems, desertification and conservation of biological diversity;
  • Carrying out research work;
  • Introduction of new environmental methods and technologies for

rational environmental management.

The content of the professional activity

  • environmental activities – drawing up an environmental cadastre, the study of biological diversity, analysis of the quality of the natural environment;
  • research activities – participation in the organization and conduct of field and experimental work, the development of new environmental methods and technologies for the restoration of disturbed ecosystems and rational nature management;
  • service and maintenance activities – development practical recommendations for standardizing the quality of the natural environment to preserve the sustainable state of ecosystems, developing recommendations for the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies in various industries to reduce the negative anthropogenic impact on the environment and preserve biological diversity;
  • consulting activities – provides advice on the rules for the preparation of design estimates and feasibility studies of eco-projects, on auditing, examination and EIA;
  • project activities – participation in the implementation of eco-projects, and development of planned activities;
  • environmental protection activities – participation in the development of practical recommendations for standardizing the quality of the natural environment to prevent the negative consequences of economic activity, the introduction of new environmental methods and technologies for the rational use of natural resources;
  • educational and upbringing activities — organization and conduct of the educational process in secondary and vocational educational institutions on environmental education, upbringing and enlightenment, and promotion of environmental knowledge among various groups of the population;
  • expert activity — participation in the maintenance of the environmental management system at the enterprise, in the preparation of environmental reporting; collection and analysis of materials for ecological expertise and certification of natural and industrial objects;
  • managerial — participation in planning and organization of the control service for objects of environmental protection; participation in the creation of scientific-methodological and organizational-technological base of management together with other specialists, analysis of the effectiveness of management decisions;
  • construction and maintenance of the system

environmental management at the enterprise, preparation of environmental reporting.