Проспект Кобыланды батыра, 27
8 (7142) 55-42-64
8 (707) 255-42-64
Проспект Кобыланды батыра, 27
8 (7142) 55-42-64
8 (707) 255-42-64
Проспект Кобыланды батыра, 27
8 (7142) 55-42-64
8 (707) 255-42-64


Code -6В04123

Academic degree: Bachelor of Business and Management in the educational program 6B04123 Finance

List of qualifications and positions

Graduates of the educational program 6B04123 “Finance” carry out professional, analytical, consulting activities at enterprises of all forms of ownership and fields of activity, financial authorities and insurance organizations, banking institutions, mortgage, leasing, factoring, brokerage, pension, investment companies, pawnshops, micro-credit organizations, credit partnerships, in the securities market, insurance, financial and investment markets, money and capital markets, as well as conduct research activities in relevant organizations.

Sphere of professional activity

Financial resource management, tax and customs system, state budget, off-budget funds, treasury, banking, risk management, financial and information flows, financial markets, insurance.

Objects of professional activity

State bodies of the republican and territorial levels, budgetary institutions and organizations, treasury, financial and tax authorities, business entities of various organizational and legal forms, research organizations, the National Bank, commercial banks, insurance, financial and credit organizations, investment funds, business entities .

Subjects of professional activity

Financial categories, financial institutions, financial market, financial policy, planning, budgeting and forecasting of financial and economic processes, reporting of financial market participants.

Types of professional activity

  • Organizational and managerial activities: possess the skills for qualified work in financial institutions, participate in the creation of scientific, methodological and organizational and technological base, develop and apply the most effective management methods, rules and procedures for organizing public finances; develop and apply the most effective management methods, rules and procedures for organizing the activities of banking institutions;
  • Economic activity: be aware of the trends in market conditions and be able to use these parameters to ensure the sustainability of the relevant economic structure; navigate the trends of market conditions and be able to use these parameters to ensure the stability of banking organizations;
  • Production and technological activities: to create an effective system of public finance management, to put into practice the principles of financial management, to use the developed scientific, methodological and organizational and technological bases for financial management; create an effective system for organizing money circulation, financial and banking technologies;
  • Settlement and design activities: draft local budgets; making calculations to evaluate the effectiveness of investment projects, justify the attraction of additional sources of financing; develop strategies and tactics for the financial activities of second-tier banks, insurance companies, the securities market; carry out calculations to assess the financial condition of insurance organizations, commercial banks; analysis of the creditworthiness of borrowers, evaluation of the effectiveness of the securities portfolio.


Functions of professional activity

  • collection of reporting and statistical information, data processing and preparation for use by managers for making management decisions, investors, creditors, external and internal users;
  • analysis and evaluation of alternative solutions for financing, lending, borrowing, pricing, investment, production methods;
  • management and control over the financial and financial and economic activities of enterprises and institutions of the public and private sectors of the economy as a whole;
  • verification of compliance of the organization and management of financial and credit relations with legislative and regulatory acts, as well as the provision of consulting services.

Standard tasks of professional activity

  • ensuring the implementation of laws and regulations and regulations governing financial and credit relations;
  • control over observance of financial discipline in all spheres of professional activity;
  • rational organization of finances in structural subdivisions;
  • application of financial management in the activities of business entities;
  • budget planning and evaluation of the effectiveness of budget expenditures;
  • monitoring and management of financial risks;
  • management of a portfolio of securities and optimization of its structure.

Areas of professional activity

  • organization of taxation, implementation of tax administration and control over the full and timely receipt of funds to the budget;
  • management of financial activities of business entities;
  • providing financial advice to business entities;

development and implementation of the strategy and tactics of fiscal policy;

  • provision of quality insurance services and expansion of the insurance market;
  • organization of banking and development of types, forms and methods of credit;
  • professional activity in the organization and formation of the financial market.

The content of professional activity

  • organization of production and provision of the technological process with the necessary financial resources;
  • development of measures for the rational use of available resources and the implementation of controlling;
  • conducting an analysis of the effectiveness of financial management, monitoring the effectiveness of spending funds of funds.