Проспект Кобыланды батыра, 27
8 (7142) 55-42-64
8 (707) 255-42-64
Проспект Кобыланды батыра, 27
8 (7142) 55-42-64
8 (707) 255-42-64
Проспект Кобыланды батыра, 27
8 (7142) 55-42-64
8 (707) 255-42-64


Code -7M04124

Academic degree: Master of Economics in the educational program 7M04124 “Finance”

List of qualifications and positions

  • Head of risk management;
  • Financial director;
  • Head of a small (medium) company;
  • Deputy head of a small (medium) company;
  • Manager for innovative development.
  • Teacher of secondary specialized and higher educational institutions.

Sphere of professional activity:

  • financial and cash flow management, financial control in commercial organizations, including financial and credit, non-profit, public authorities, local self-government and non-governmental organizations;
  • research of financial, money, and credit markets in research institutions, non-state investment funds, consulting, innovation-investment, leasing, insurance and other companies;
  • financial and management activities in the sectors of the National Economy;
  • teaching activities in educational institutions of higher education and secondary vocational education.

Objects of professional activity:

  • state bodies of the republican and territorial levels;
  • budgetary institutions and organizations;
  • treasury department;
  • financial and tax authorities;
  • business entities of various organizational and legal forms;
  • research organizations;
  • National Bank;
  • commercial banks;
  • insurance, financial and credit organizations;
  • investment funds;
  • business entities;
  • institutions of secondary special and higher education.

Subjects of professional activity

Financial categories, financial institutions, financial market, financial policy, planning, financing, investment,

lending, insurance, budgeting, forecasting of financial and economic processes, management, regulation and control of financial market participants.

Types of professional activity

Operational and management: create and manage integrated strategic risk management systems that are compatible with all processes, projects, functions and activities to ensure an acceptable degree of risk for organizations; develop regulatory and instructional documentation on financing and budgeting, plan investment projects and develop a strategy for financial stability, make key management decisions on all aspects of the company’s activities, promote the efficient and profitable functioning of the company in the interests of stakeholders, own the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan (financial, budgetary, banking, tax, currency, etc.).

Research: analyze the financial and investment activities of investors, develop and implement methods of functioning in the financial market of market entities, recommend anti-crisis measures in managing the financial resources of organizations, offer tools for state financial regulation at the macro and micro levels, publish research results in scientific journals.

Financial and economic: effectively use financial and material resources, make settlements and payments with the state budget; prepare and control documentation on the organization of accounting for income and expenses of organizations; analyze the cost and return on capital for short-term and long-term financing and investment of companies; minimize financial risks in production and business activities, determine the strategy and tactics of the development of organizations.

Pedagogical: independently conduct seminars, practical and laboratory classes, taking into account the requirements of the developed and approved guidelines; determine the content and choose the forms, methods and means of training sessions (seminar, practical, laboratory) in accordance with the objectives of the course; plan and organize the independent work of students, develop educational and methodological documentation, conduct educational work for students, apply innovative teaching methods.

Functions of professional activity:

  • organization of financing activities of organizations, financial planning of activities, asset management of organizations, analysis, accounting and control of business results, personnel management, strategic regulation, control and audit of the process of managing financial resources, building an integrated financial risk management system;
  • methodological support, maintenance and coordination of the financial risk management process, development and implementation of sections of the innovation strategy, collection and processing of analytical information on the state of the financial market, state regulation and supervision of financial institutions, forecasting the financial and economic situation in the short and long term in the international and national markets;
  • operational management throughout the life cycles of financial products, defining policies and procedures for making and executing managerial decisions, ensuring the efficiency of the company, implementing an effective personnel policy, observing contractual and financial discipline in the entrusted divisions of the company, regulating social and labour relations in the entrusted divisions of the company.
  • transmission of educational information, learning to acquire knowledge on their own, introducing students to the system of social values, methodological support of the educational process, studying the level of assimilation of the content of education by students, studying the educational environment, independent involvement of students in the system of additional education; initiation of innovative ideas that unite the stakeholders of education (various creative associations, associations, etc.), interaction with the professional community and with all interested parties in education.

Standard tasks of professional activity

  • management of the movement of financial resources of the organization and regulation of financial relations, participation in the preparation of the financial strategy of the organization, participation in the preparation of draft plans of a non-financial nature, control over the implementation of standards for the use of resources, the effective investment policy of organizations, analysis of the financial and economic activities of organizations, control over the implementation of the financial plan, accounting for the movement of funds.
  • analysis of financial markets, development of methodological bases, formation of the main elements of the risk management process for the implementation of risk management, formation of the main elements of the financial risk management process for the implementation of risk management, creation and implementation of an integrated management system.
  • development of standards for the use of resources, ensuring the timely implementation of financial transactions, participation in the preparation of draft plans of a non-financial nature, bringing approved financial indicators to the divisions of the organization, searching for sources of financing for the production and economic activities of the organization, accounting for the movement of financial resources, staffing the process of managing financial resources.
  • determining the content and conducting lectures and practical classes, planning and organizing students’ independent work, taking into account modern concepts of higher and professional education.

Areas of professional activity

  • management of financial activities of subjects of various forms of ownership;
  • organization of taxation, implementation of tax administration and control over the full and timely receipt of funds to the budget;
  • provision of consulting services to market entities;
  • activity in the stock market;
  • organization of banking and microcredit organizations;
  • insurance activity;
  • state regulation of the activities of financial institutions;
  • research activities;
  • professional (pedagogical) activity in educational institutions.

The content of the professional activity

  • implementation of financial-budgetary and monetary regulation;
  • organization of credit and banking business;
  • application of financial management in the activities of business entities;

• professional activity in the organization of the educational and pedagogical system.