International Women’s Day

Mar 7, 2023

Students of 1-3 courses congratulated the women’s part of our university on the women’s spring holiday. In the morning at the entrance, the teachers were met by students with festive music and small presents.

Also, the male team of the university and college arranged a festive concert for their colleagues. The concert program included dances from students and video congratulations from male students and staff. There was also an intellectual game “Erudite” and a musical competition show “Two Stars”, in which Duisenbaev Ramazan Almatovich and Amantaykyzy Botagoz from the Department of Natural Sciences won the first place with the song “Kyzyl Raushan”. During the event, students brought flowers and gifts to all women. On this day, our lovely ladies did not go unnoticed, and we tried to make their day joyful and filled with surprises from the very morning.