Kazakh language and literature

Code – 6B01713

The purpose of the educational program “Kazakh language and literature” is to implement knowledge aimed at preparing highly qualified specialists in the field of education, as well as training competitive specialists, introducing innovative technology into the educational process.

The principles of education are created in accordance with the basic principles of education and science aimed at achieving academic flexibility of students and their free adaptation in the labor market.


Qualification description of the graduate of the educational program

Graduates have opportunities to find good jobs in the following organizations and institutions:

– educational secondary general and specialized schools, colleges, higher schools, colleges, departments;

– scientific research organizations (institutes), social and humanitarian;

– state and private institutions (educational institutions);

– specialist in the Kazakh language in the field of education and translator (head of the methodological office, language specialist), etc.


Sphere of professional activity

A bachelor of education in the specialty “Kazakh language and literature” works in the field of education.


Objects of professional activity

Forms of professional activities of the bachelor of education in the specialty “Kazakh language and literature”:

– preschool education and training organizations;

– elementary, basic and vocational schools;

– sphere of culture and intercultural relations;

– specialized schools;

– are technical and vocational, post-secondary education organizations.


Functions of professional activity

 Professional service functions of the bachelor of education in the educational program “Kazakh language and literature”:

organization and development of pedagogical activity;

organization of scientific, literary, cultural events related to the profession;

research, analysis, and publication of educational and methodological literature, methodologies;

implementation of modern and informational technologies for the preparation of the educational process during the educational process;

to learn professional and personal growth skills for self-analysis, self-improvement.

Value of professional activity

Subjects of professional activities according to the basic and specialized training of the specialty “Kazakh language and literature” are: planning of the educational process, organization of educational activities, consulting, methodological, educational works, education in the field of innovative activities, organizational forms, training and education.


Areas of professional activity

– education and formation of a comprehensively developed individual;

– improvement of knowledge in Kazakh language in the field of literature;

– organizing the educational process in a modern scientific model;

– conducting scientific research and production activities.