Meetings with schoolchildren and colleges

Mar 16, 2023

On March 14-15, university activists and the Department of Educational Work visited 2 regions: Denisovsky and Kamysty districts, where meetings were held with graduate school students, as well as colleges. The team of our university came up with an interesting program for participants:

Kulpeisov Serik Dauletbaevich – told the guys about modern trends on TikTok and Instagram and held a master class in acting;

Elibaev Turar Ayanovich – spoke about the specialities that are in our university;

University activists conducted various pieces of training and talked about the interesting and diverse student life of our University. The following students took an active part in the meetings:

Bukenova Madina Erlanovna

Kuanysh Isa Emlsuly

Madinina Ayana Amangalievna

Madyarova Gulnaz Erkinkyzy

Madyarova Dilnaz Erkinkyzy

Taktarbekova Aiym

Turmagambetova Nazira Bekezhankyzy


Istiyarov Ansagan Zhanatuly

The participants of the meetings received information about the benefits of studying at our university, could ask questions of interest to them, and in addition, received a lot of positive emotions and skills.

And we would like to remind you that earlier trips were already made to Fedorovsky, Karabalyksky, Altynsarinsky and Auliekolsky districts. Fruitful and interesting work was also carried out with the youth of these regions.