Проспект Кобыланды батыра, 27
8 (7142) 55-42-64
8 (707) 255-42-64
Проспект Кобыланды батыра, 27
8 (7142) 55-42-64
8 (707) 255-42-64
Проспект Кобыланды батыра, 27
8 (7142) 55-42-64
8 (707) 255-42-64

Pedagogy and psychology

Code – 6B01101

The purpose of the educational program:

Implementation of education aimed at training highly qualified personnel with practical skills and leadership qualities through the introduction of innovative learning technologies and the training of competitive specialists in the field of education that meet modern requirements for the quality of specialists with higher education in the field of education.


List of qualifications and positions:

Educational Psychologist;

Social Pedagogue-Psychologist;

Specialist in the psychological and pedagogical service of educational institutions;

Laboratory Assistant;

Head of the Cabinet;



Sphere of professional activity:

educational institutions of all types;

psychological assistance centres of all types;

educational management organizations.


Objects of professional activity:

preschool organizations of all types (kindergartens, nursery schools, nurseries);

general education schools, including lyceum schools, and gymnasium schools;

small schools, sanatorium schools, sports schools, orphanages;

organization of technical and vocational education;

special correctional organizations (boarding schools, classes for children and adolescents with disabilities in physical or mental development).


Subjects of professional activity:

Goals, objectives, content, forms of organization, results of training and education; ways to implement the requirements of the concept of development of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan; study of the personal and cognitive spheres of the psyche in order to develop potentialities; individual and differentiated approaches through the implementation of student-centred education.


Types of professional activity:

diagnostic (study of the student’s personality, learning outcomes, upbringing and development);

organizational (organization of the process of education and upbringing on the basis

pedagogical technology);

design (modelling of education in a general education secondary school);

research (in research organizations of any type, organization, modelling and implementation of research projects);

educational (teaching of pedagogy and psychology, education of parents and students after school hours);

consulting (consulting with students, teachers and parents).


Functions of professional activity:

– the implementation of the education of the younger generation in the context of the development of the national idea “Mangilik el”;

-organization of the subjective activity of students and management of the process of formation and development of personality;

-participation in the development of state programs aimed at maintaining the mental well-being of students;

-provision of psychological and pedagogical assistance in the organization of the pedagogical process in educational institutions;

– prevention of the occurrence of social maladaptation;

-psychological and pedagogical education of parents;

-research, analysis, and release of educational and methodical literature in the field of psychology and pedagogy;

– Possession of the skills of introspection and self-education for professional and personal growth.


Standard tasks of professional activity:


In the field of educational activities:

  • training and development of students, organization of the process of education and upbringing, design and management of the pedagogical process,
  • conducting classes in general education, technical and vocational schools, the implementation of methodological knowledge;
  • applied skills in a particular situation.


In the field of educational activities:

  • implementation of educational work in accordance with the laws, principles, and educational mechanisms of the pedagogical process;
  • planning of out-of-class educational work;
  • solution of specific educational tasks;
  • selection and use of various forms and methods of education and training of schoolchildren in extracurricular activities in pedagogy and psychology;
  • building relationships with the group of students, teachers working in this class, with parents.


In the field of educational and technological activities:

  • use of innovative pedagogical technologies in the educational process;
  • in the field of socio-pedagogical activity;
  • creating favourable conditions and providing pedagogical support for the education and development of students.


In the field of experimental research activities:

  • study of scientific and methodological literature;
  • study and generalization of advanced pedagogical experience in teaching pedagogy and psychology;
  • participation in the organization of the process of searching and processing psychological and pedagogical information using information and communication tools and technologies;
  • conducting pedagogical experiments with the introduction of their results in the educational process.


In the field of organizational and managerial activities:

  • planning the content of the course of pedagogy and psychology at different levels of education;
  • diagnostics, correction, and forecasting of the results of pedagogical activity;

• determination of ways to organize and conduct the educational process.