Проспект Кобыланды батыра, 27
8 (7142) 55-42-64
8 (707) 255-42-64
Проспект Кобыланды батыра, 27
8 (7142) 55-42-64
8 (707) 255-42-64
Проспект Кобыланды батыра, 27
8 (7142) 55-42-64
8 (707) 255-42-64

Professional training

Code – 6B01420

Qualification: Bachelor in the educational program 6B01420 – Professional Training


List of qualifications and positions:

Teacher of vocational training;

Teacher of labour technology and entrepreneurship;

Leader of circles;

Teacher of general technical disciplines of special technology for a set of working professions in secondary and vocational schools, colleges, and lyceums;

Master of industrial training in the system of higher and secondary vocational education;

regardless of departmental affiliation and form of ownership, as well as in accordance with the qualification requirements of the Qualification Directory of positions of managers, specialists and other employees, approved by order of the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 273-P of November 22, 2002, bachelors can take such primary positions as technicians of the first category; junior research fellows; engineers of laboratory assistants; engineers of research institutions, design and engineering organizations without presenting requirements for work experience.



Sphere of professional activity:

psychological and pedagogical activity in educational

institutions and educational institutions of vocational education;

technical, technological, industrial, and economic sphere of professional activity in organizations of primary, secondary and additional vocational education, research, design and design organizations and in production;

research activities in the field of education and production in the field of advanced training of employees in accordance with specialization;

cultural, educational, managerial and planning activities in accordance with the obtained qualification of a bachelor of vocational training


Objects of professional activity:

General education and vocational schools, lyceums, gymnasiums; secondary specialized and higher educational institutions; training and production plants; circles of technical creativity; automobile enterprises and car repair shops; sewing, woodworking and machine-building enterprises; research and design institutions.


Subjects of professional activity:

organization and conduct of the educational process in educational institutions according to profiles; organization of educational and production processes at industrial and other enterprises; organization of research activities with the participation of students.


Types of professional activity:

educational (educative, pedagogical);

organizational and technological;

production and management;

production and management;




Functions of professional activity:









production and technological;







Standard tasks of professional activity:

Standard tasks of professional activity are aimed at solving:

– specific standard and non-standard problems. Education and training of students at school, lyceum gymnasium, Criminal Procedure Code, and out-of-school organizations on labour technology and vocational training;

– problems related to the collective activities of school teachers and teachers. Masters of the Code of Criminal Procedure, parents, managers and representatives of production for the organization of labor industrial training, education and training of students;

– tasks related to the increase and improvement of their qualification level.


Areas of professional activity:

Vocational education teacher (by industry);

Teacher-manager of vocational training;

Teacher-designer of vocational training;

Teacher of general technical disciplines, teacher of labour technology and entrepreneurship.


The content of the professional activity:

organization of the teaching and upbringing process of the teacher’s professional activity in the conditions of 12-year specialized education;

scientific research work;

management activities;

production and technological activities;

innovative activity in the pedagogical process;

information and project activities.