Seminar on the implementation of a new regulatory policy from a “clean slate”

Feb 21, 2023

On February 17-18, in Astana, at the Astana IT University, a SEMINAR ON THE INTRODUCTION OF THE NEW REGULATORY POLICY FROM A “CLEAN Slate” was held with the participation of the INHE – CQAES, ICAC, SC, DD, the National Center for the Development of Higher Education, the National Center for Testing, National Center for Scientific and Technical Expertise. Universities – rectors, vice-rectors for academic affairs, science, finance, personnel, digitalization and representatives of the relevant structural divisions of universities, compliance officers.

Zhanna Bakhytzhanovna Dauketova, Associate Professor of the Department of Law, took part in the forum on behalf of our university.

The forum was opened by Talgat Yeshenkulov, Vice Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Gulzat Kobenova, Chairman of the Committee for Quality Assurance in Science and Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The following questions were considered:

— The academic reputation of the university.

— Internal quality assurance and ESG.

— Accreditation of the university and educational programs.

— Control of students’ knowledge and evaluation of learning outcomes.

— Personnel policy of the university. The qualitative composition of the teaching staff of universities.

— A budget policy of the university.

— Features of UNT and innovations of NPT.

– Formation of the student body

— Licensing procedure and content of ITC

— Requirements for high school science.

— Responsibility of universities in the training of scientific personnel.

— Requirements for the digital infrastructure of the university.