A sports competition among 1st year students

Oct 6, 2023

On September 20-21, 2023, a sports competition among 1st year students was held at the KSTU named after academician Zulkharnay Aldamzhar.

Mini-football and athletics competitions were held at the Spartakiad. Competitions took place between 6 teams in mini-football, and in athletics between KSTU and students of the KSTC. Based on the results of the general sports competition:


1st place –  Jurisprudence – 1 team;

2nd place – PhCS- 1 team;

3rd place – DShS – 1 team.

Athletics: sprint distance 100 m.


1st place – Lyubetsky Anton (KSTC);

2nd place – Kosov Oleg (KSTU);

3rd  place – Levit Nikita (KSTU).


1st place – Ekaterina Nazarova (KSTC);

2nd place – Anjelika Luzina (KSTC);

3rd  place – Alina Alexandrova (KSTC).