Cosmonautics Day at the Department of Natural Sciences

Apr 17, 2023

On April 12, 2023, Cosmonautics Day was held at the Department of Natural Sciences, timed to coincide with the Day of Science Workers in Kazakhstan. The event was held as part of the methodological week of the Department and was dedicated to the 63rd anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space.

On April 12, 1961, the world’s first spacecraft satellite with a man on board was launched into earth orbit. Since then, this day in Russia is celebrated as the Day of Cosmonautics, and in the world – the International Day of Human Space Flight.

April 12 is defined as the “Day of Science Workers” by the Decree of the President of the Republic No. 164 of October 20, 2011. Historically, this holiday was timed to coincide with the birthday of Academician K. I. Satbayev – the first President of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR. Kanysh Imantayevich Satbayev stood at the origins of the organization of scientific activity in Kazakhstan, devoting almost his entire life to science and its development in his native country.

The day was full of various activities:

   – Associate Professor of the Department Iskakova G. M. gave an integrated lecture on Physics, Astronomy and the history of astronautics “12 Apostles of Space. Man’s Step Into Outer Space”.

– The film “12 Minutes in the Universe”, accompanied by detailed comments from lecturer Iskakova G.M., left a lasting impression.

– Master Azataeva K.B., along with a 2nd-year student of the EP “Information Systems” Sapabek Arystanbek, prepared a presentation called “Kazakhstan Pioneers in Space”. Impressive examples have shown that the cosmonauts of Kazakhstan are included in the list of space pioneers, which is humanity. This is evidence that our country is making a great contribution to the development of world cosmonautics, and Kazakhstani cosmonauts and scientists have glorified the country in this area.

— The video where Nadezhda Chepraga and Vladislav Konnov sing the song “I dreamed of the sound of rain” and the poetry “Man in Space” performed by Sagyntai Alisher, a 1st-year student of the EP “Power Engineering”, gave a special atmosphere to the holiday.

The story behind this song is interesting. Cosmonaut Vitaly Sevastyanov worked in orbit with Pyotr Klimuk. On the twentieth day of the flight, Sevastyanov had a day off, and he slept for thirteen hours. He got up with a nagging feeling of sadness, longing for the Earth, for his native home… He dreamed of the sound of rain – an ordinary earthly rain. He asked Klimuk: “Petya, do you remember the sound of rain?” “I forgot already,” Klimuk answered. (In space, where a person is deprived of earthly sensations for a long time, it smells only of burnt wires). At the next communication session with the Earth, Sevastyanov told about this dream. “And we had a thunderstorm yesterday, the streets still smell like rain.” The dream of cosmonaut Vitaly Sevastyanov became a song (composer Evgeny Doga and poet Vladimir Lazarev).

– Master Nazarova I.N. prepared an exciting “Space Quiz” in which not only students but also teachers took part with pleasure. The answers to the quiz were accompanied by detailed comments and colorful slides. The winners – Saparzhanov Dair – a 1st-year student of the program “Translation Studies”, Chumakov Ivan – a 2nd-year student of the program “Transport, Transport Equipment and Technologies” and Yenkulev Andrey – a 1st-year student of the program “Geography” – were awarded with diplomas and sweet prizes. The quiz was held in the spirit of semantic and intellectual competition.

– The holiday ended with a tea party at which all participants exchanged impressions.

“… it is important to talk with students about heroes and exploits, about scientific achievements,” – said Bilan O.R., Associate Professor of the Department.

Master Azataeva K.B. quoted the ancient philosopher Plutarch “A child is not a vessel to be filled, but a torch to be lit, and only the one who is willing to contribute can light a torch.” Such measures should both fill the vessel and kindle the torch.