General meeting of residents of the dormitory on Kurganskaya, 5

Feb 1, 2023

In order to conduct educational and preventive work, familiarize with sanitary and hygienic standards and living conditions of students, on January 31, 2023 there was a visit to student dormitory No. 1 at the address Kurganskaya, 5. The attendees were:

– Vice-Rector for Higher Educational and Strategic Studies Baikadamova N.T.,

– Vice-Rector for AA Abilova M.S.,

– Head of the Department of Social Development Khabdullina R.B.,

– Leaders of EP, curators of groups.

Together with the commandant of the hostel Suleymanova G.Sh. a round of floors was made. For a comfortable stay of students, there are living rooms for 2 people, equipped with the necessary furniture, located sectionally with a private bathroom. There are household rooms-kitchens, equipped with a kitchen set, refrigerators, electric stoves and other appliances, showers, a laundry room with modern automatic washing machines and an ironing room equipped with everything you need. On the 2nd floor there is a computer class with Internet access, and there are TVs in all halls. In general, the living conditions are as comfortable as possible and are more reminiscent of hotels.

Then, at the general meeting of residents, with the issues of observing the established order, ensuring a favorable psychological microclimate, promoting a friendly attitude towards each other, towards others, a culture of behavior, respect for elders, the students were addressed by: Vice-Rector for Educational Work Nurken Turarovich Baykadamov and Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Abilova Marzhankul Serikovna. Separately, attention was focused on the issue of attendance and academic performance of students. In general, the meeting was fruitful, and students’ feedback was accepted.