Intellectual game “Student’s Intellect”

Nov 16, 2023

With the aim of educating and introducing young people to patriotism, love for the Motherland and on the eve of International Students’ Day in the cultural center “Jastar Saraiy”, on November 16, 2023, the youth wing of “Jastar Ruhy” under the party “AMANAT”, organized and held the intellectual game “Student’s Intellect” among the Universities of the Kostanay region (6 teams participated).

In an interesting and very stubborn struggle, our team of students of the KSTU named after academician Z. Aldamzhar performed well, the result was an honorable 3rd place, for which we congratulate the team consisting of:

– Anna Ostroumova (team captain)
– Diana Karimova
– Ruslan Radjabov
– Artem Yamaletdinov
– Dmitry Khudenko