Code: 6В04217

The purpose of the educational program:

training of specialists in the field of law that meet modern needs and demands of society, possessing new knowledge and competencies, new technologies, having competitive advantages, innovation-oriented specialists in the field of information systems and technologies based on a single process for obtaining, disseminating and applying new knowledge, training highly qualified and legal personnel in the field of state-legal relations for carrying out activities in state authorities of republican and local significance in the field of law enforcement activities, training of specialists who plan to continue working as a lawyer, legal adviser, specialist in state bodies, judicial institutions , organizations of all forms of ownership, entrepreneurial activities, expert and consulting activities, in the field of notaries and mediation in the field of legal regulation of civil law relations, training of highly qualified and competitive legal personnel in the field of criminal law relations to carry out activities in the field of law enforcement, as well as in the legal services market and in educational, scientific and innovative activities.

List of qualifications and positions:

Employee and specialist of the prosecutor’s office, internal affairs, anti-corruption service, economic investigation service; judicial system specialist; legal adviser; advocate; notary; mediator; lawyer in the field of Kazakhstani and international law; personnel service specialist; civil servant, court administration specialist, law enforcement and government officer; specialist of justice bodies, local executive and representative bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan; teacher in educational institutions providing secondary and secondary vocational education, etc.

Sphere of professional activity

Protection, provision, guarantee of observance of the legitimate rights and interests of the state, individuals and legal entities arising in the legal sphere, development and implementation of legal norms, ensuring law and order; legal training and education.

Objects of professional activity

  • law enforcement agencies;
  • judiciary;
  • executive and representative bodies of state power and administration;
  • state and non-state enterprises; advocacy;
  • organization of education and etc.

Subjects of professional activity

Legal regulations; events and actions of legal significance; legal relations arising in the sphere of functioning of state and non-state institutions; legal relations between state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, individuals and legal entities.