Meeting with employers at the excursion bureau “BESTkz”

Feb 17, 2023

On February 16, 2023, a meeting was organized at the BESTkz excursion bureau under the guidance of senior teacher Aigerim Turymzhanovna Uzbairova with students of the Tourism educational program.

Excursion bureau “BESTkz” is a tour operator for domestic tourism in the Kostanay region. It has been operating since June 16, 2016. A friendly team has developed more than 30 routes around the Kostanay region and prepared various excursions that will arouse the interest of many. These are also biographical excursions about great people, figures who glorified our region. Walks into the past, through places of worship, forgotten monuments and surroundings. Hiking, rafting, romantic excursions.

The organizer of the meeting was Gumirov Valery. In the introductory lesson, the features of the training of guides were discussed, and a small blitz survey and games were held. The students liked it very much and took an active part.

In the future, such meetings will be held once a week. The schedule of meetings is planned in such a way that students can attend during their free time.