Student spring in Kostanay region 2023

Apr 29, 2023

The two-day student spring in the Kostanay region 2023 was held on April 27-28, where all 6 universities of our region took part.

The grand opening took place in front of the Jastar Saraiy building, where the universities presented a short note and made a strong statement about themselves. Then the start was given to sports competitions in 3 directions: basketball and mini-football, where representatives of the male half of universities fought for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. And also volleyball, but with the participation of girls. At the same time, a photo-cross was held around the city, where teams of universities got acquainted with the historical places of our city and took interesting shots.

Also on the first day, an intellectual competition was held, which included logical questions, historical and questions related to our Kostanay region. The 1st day of the student spring ended with the performance of the KVN and Zhaidarman teams and a dance competition among students.

Day 2 began with the  continuation of sports competitions in mini-football and basketball, the dress rehearsal of the Gala concert. The concert itself began at lunchtime, and all universities presented their creative bright performances, each of which was especially memorable.

After the solemn rewarding and presentation of cash certificates, each university received 500,000 tenge, and prizes within the framework of the student spring, which were earned by the Kostanay Social-Technical University named after Academician Zulkharnai Aldamzhar, are as follows:
– Creative performance – 2nd place;
– Volleyball – 2nd place;

– Intellectual game – 3rd place. Two days of the student spring passed quickly and energetically, the students managed to make friends with each other, cultivate not only competitiveness, but also the team spirit of united students of the Kostanay region.