“Students are the vanguard of the intellectual future”

Apr 21, 2023

On April 21, 2023 at 10.00 in the reading room of the university, a plenary meeting of the interuniversity scientific and practical conference of students and undergraduates “Students are the vanguard of the intellectual future” was held. It was dedicated to the Day of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The following students made presentations:

  1. Burlakova Nelly, student of the specialty “Accounting and Audit”, 2nd year.

Scientific adviser: Baimukhamedova G.S., candidate of Economic Sciences, professor.

Topic of the report: “The use of digital technologies in the trade and financial sector”.

  1. Gorkovenko Vitaliy, student of the specialty “Jurisprudence”, 4th year.

Scientific adviser: Oleinik Yu.V., senior lecturer, Master of Jurisprudence.

Topic of the report: “Criminal legal protection of cultural heritage objects under the laws of foreign countries”.

  1. Karimova Diana, student of the specialty “Foreign Philology”, 2nd year.

Scientific adviser: Ivanova E.S., senior lecturer, Master of Pedagogical Sciences.

Subject report : “Project work in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning”.

  1. Dudnik Danil, student of the specialty “Information systems”, 2nd year.

Supervisor: Azatayeva K.B., senior lecturer of the Department of Natural Sciences.

Presentation topic: “BoseChaudhuri–Hocquenghem codes.

  1. Amirzhan Azat, student of the specialty “Ecology”, 4th year.

Scientific adviser: Suleimanova K.U., Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor.

Topic: Академик Зұлқарнай Алдамжар атындағы Қостанай әлеуметтік-техникалық университетінің жасыл технологиялар саласындағы әлеуетін талдау”.

On April 20, 2023, the following sectional meetings were held:

Section No. 1 – “The economy of modern Kazakhstan: problems and development prospects”.

Section #2 “Legal aspects of the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Section No. 3 “The value of continuing education in the development of the individual”.

Section № 4 “Actual problems in the field of technical sciences and information technologies”.


According to the results of sectional meetings, students were awarded diplomas of 1, 2, and 3 degrees.