The selection for the contest “Miss Spring KSTU-2023” has passed

Mar 30, 2023

We have passed the selection for the Miss Spring KSTU-2023 contest, and the following participants will take part in the final of the contest:

  1. Shtrom Victoria – School number 16 of Kostanay city;
  2. Vlada Suprunenko – Kostanay Social-Technical College;
  3. Kolesnikova Aiman – School gymnasium No. 18;
  4. Ibraeva Asel – School number 15 of Kostanay city;
  5. God Lidia – Kostanay Social-Technical College;
  6. Filina Renata – Kostanay Social-Technical College;

Online voting has also begun on the university’s Instagram page, where 2 participants took part:

  1. Kairbekova Tomiris – School number 15 of Kostanay city;
  2. Zhumaguzina Albina – Kostanay Social-Technical College;

According to the results of the voting, the participant with the most likes will become the seventh finalist of the competition and will compete for the main crown and the prize – a GRANT for 4 years of study at our University.