Top – 10 Award – recognition of personal merit of students

Dec 27, 2022

The Top – 10 Award is established in order to publicly recognize the personal merits of University students who have managed to achieve special success in the field of cultural, scientific, sports and leadership achievements.

The university offered five nominations for the Top – 10 Award: Science, Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Leader. In each nomination, 2 participants won, whose names were entered in the honorary “Golden Book” of the university.

The winners of the Top – 10 award of KSTU, following the results of the ball, were:

Karimova Dayana Talgatovna – “Science”

Burlakova Nelli Sergeevna – “Science”

Gerasimenko Galina Alekseevna – “Study”

Alexa Aurika Igorevna – “Study”

Kanishchev Valery Vasilyevich – “Culture”

Dosmukhamedova Ainur Talgatovna – “Culture”

Tulegenova Alina Nurlanovna – “Sport”

Ergalieva Samalay Armanovna – “Sport”

Taktarbekova Ayim Serikovna – “Youth Leader”

Zhangazyeva Dilnaz Ruslanbekkyzy – “Youth Leader”

Also, our “younger brothers” – students of the Social – Technical College passed in the Top – 10 nominations.

The best of the best were:

Shatrova Anastasia Vladimirovna – “Science”

Sigaev Adil Tanatovich – “Study”

Nosik Victoria Viktorovna – “Culture”

Babaev Artur Yurievich – “Sport”

Shampeisova Asem Nurlankyzy – “Youth Leader”

With the support of KSTU, there is a lyceum school, where future students of our university study, who did not stand aside and took an active part in the TOP-10 Prize.

The winners were:

Dosova Daria – Grade 9 – “Science”

Akkozov Taimas – Grade 4 – “Science”

Grigorevskaya Larisa – Grade 11 – “Youth Leader”

Shagataeva Yasmina – Grade 9 – “Study”

Agibaev Chingiz – Grade 6 – “Culture”