Urgent fee for Yeskendir Ayazhan

May 19, 2023

Hello everyone! My name is Mariyam, and I am Ayazhan’s mother. I will try to describe our family trouble to you.
We live in Kostanay. Ayazhan is in the 3rd grade, she is 9 years old. It all started in February of this year, one day my daughter came home from school, limping a little, complained of a slight pain in her knee and femoral joint, we examined everything, felt it, there were no bruises. We were asked if maybe she fell and had hit, but no, she said, there was nothing like that. We thought maybe she pulled a muscle, just in case, we made an appointment with a doctor in our area, we had to wait for a turn for about two weeks. A week later, the daughter began to limp more strongly, at the place where her leg hurt, a small formation was already felt, as if the muscles were tense, while the leg was relaxed. We sounded the alarm, signed up for a private clinic “Stomed” to see and examine the leg. The children’s surgeon took a look, ordered an x-ray and other related tests, gave a referral to the children’s regional hospital. In this case, the tumor has already begun to progress and grow. It was already visible to the naked eye. After we passed all the tests, we came to an appointment at the regional children’s hospital. Doctors gathered a small consultation, they could not understand what kind of formation, preliminary, according to all the images and CT scans, they more likely suggested that it might be a sarcoma. To accurately determine it, it was necessary to undergo a biopsy test. We did not believe that this could happen to us. All this time, about two weeks, my daughter and I were on sick leave, went to all medical institutions and took tests. I had to go to the site to extend the sick leave, my daughters and I went to the first clinic, extended the sick leave, and having already arrived at our KSK area by bus, we left the bus stop, after walking 50 meters from the bus stop, my daughter falls on her ass screaming out of the blue. What happened, where it hurts, she says, my leg hurts, I can’t get up, then I took her in my arms and carried her home at a run. When I got home, I sat her down and, taking off her jeans, I saw a hip fracture, the leg was just hanging, the fracture happened exactly at the site of the tumor that had arisen! In hysterics, I started calling everyone and calling an ambulance! Upon the arrival of the ambulance, we were hospitalized in the children’s regional hospital, because there was a tumor, we were not put in a cast, but the bone was straightened and a medical splint was put in and bandaged. We spent 5 days in the hospital and did not know what to do next! Prior to that, the hospital advised us to get on the portal for treatment and surgery at the National Scientific Center for Motherhood and Childhood in Astana, where we applied, but it is not known how long we had to wait to get into the quota and we were warned that it was possible amputation of the leg. And according to the calendar, there were many May holidays ahead, we were at a loss not knowing what to do, time was already working against us.
We began to contact, write to all clinics that specialize in sarcoma from the Chelyabinsk region, Moscow, St. Petersburg, connected medical offices with the search for treatment abroad in Turkey, Israel and South Korea, talked, and consulted with dozens of clinics. After weighing all the pros and cons, and first of all, the options with the shortest terms of hospitalization, we flew to Seoul, South Korea, to the Severance Hospital with great hope. Based on the results of the examination, we were diagnosed with osteosarcoma.
We have been in Seoul since May 2. At the moment, the child is receiving the first chemotherapy, one course of chemotherapy lasts about 40 days, and we need 6 of such courses to be completed. After the first two courses of chemotherapy, the first operation will probably be scheduled to remove foreign soft tissues (tumors), but before the operation they will be repeated full examination. Then they will give 2 weeks to recuperate for the next four cycles of chemotherapy. If by this time it is possible to put it into a state of remission, then the second operation will begin to restore the bone, at this stage of the operation, bone and muscle tissue implantation will probably be carried out. Doctors cannot say exactly how long it will take for complete treatment.

Let’s help Ayazhan together!