Educational and methodological manual “Quantum physics”

Sep 20, 2023

Students of Kostanay Social-Technical University named after academician Z. Aldamzhar, studying in educational programs “Physics”, “Transport, transport equipment and technologies”, “Electric power engineering”, “Standardization and certification” and “Ecology” received a good gift at the beginning of the 2023-2024 academic year – an educational manual “Quantum Physics”.

The author of the manual is a candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (methodology of teaching physics), winner of the second International professional research competition “TEACHER OF THE YEAR 2022”, associate professor of the department “Natural Sciences” Iskakova G.M.
The textbook is intended to assist students in learning quantum physics.

Inquiring about her next project, we asked Iskakova G.M. to give us a brief overview. Gulyaem Mindugalievna noted that one of the objectives of this course is to UNDERSTAND and ADMIRE the fact that quantum physics is not a set of incomprehensible “mystical” spells (like those you heard in school “wave-particle duality”, “wave nature of particles”, “uncertainty relation”, Schrödinger’s equation, etc.), but a logical, coherent area of scientific knowledge, reliably confirmed by numerous experiments and observations.

Another, perhaps even more important, the author continues, the significance of studying quantum physics for students is the opportunity to trace how scientific knowledge of the world is developing. Using the example of the development of quantum theory (an entire chapter is devoted to this issue in the book), one can see how a new area of scientific knowledge arises – from problems in the existing picture of the world to their understanding and explanation.