Code: 6B01612

The purpose of the educational program: to prepare a history teacher who meets the modern requirements of the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who is guided in all the complexity of political, economic, social processes in the context of historical science.

Awarded academic degree: Bachelor of Education in the educational program 6B01612 – History.

List of qualifications and positions:

A history teacher;

Sphere of professional activity:

Pedagogical activity in the system of school and vocational education, research work, management activities.

Objects of professional activity:

organizations of secondary education of all types and types, regardless of the form of ownership and departmental subordination;

Subjects of professional activity:

  • planning and organization of educational activities of students using innovative psychological and pedagogical methods and means;
  • leadership of a team of students;
  • student motivation;
  • consulting;
  • methodical and educational work;
  • innovative activity in the field of education;

research work.